Daniel, our friend!

We are living in 16 floor of a building in Cartagena on the coast of Colombia. We have good view, watching the traffic, people walking to and from the mall next door, and the Caribbean a little farther away. But if you look a little closer, you quickly discover some people in tattered clothes that are either looking for food in the garbage or sleeping in the shadow of some of the houses. Last year, we talked with several of these people and prayed for them, gave them food and clothes. Daniel was one of these, and I hoped I could see him again this year. When we first came here, It was several days that I didn’t see him, but then suddenly one day he was sitting outside. When Anna and I, who also were here last year, went over to him he lit up, he was so happy to see us again. He smiled and laughed and talked away! He was one of those who received Jesus in his heart, and we could clearly see that he was still changed after being filled with joyful hope. Thomas on the team gave his jacket to him, and Daniel that is also on our team bought food for him. We prayed for him and when we came back after a few minutes he had shared his food with a friend who also lives on the street. What a beautiful sight. He who has nothing more than what he says, the clothes he wears and does not know the next time he will get to eat something, shared what he had with his friend. Talk about putting their friends first like Jesus talks about in John 15,13 “no one has greater love than he who gives his life for his friends”. I have so much to learn from this man. I hope and pray that one day he can get a home where he can feel safe and not have to worry about tomorrow. God is so amazingly good, he loves everyone!

– Team Colombia






Would you like to be one of those who is traveling on outreach, to another place for two months next year? Do you want to make God known to people around the world?
YWAM Skien has several different schools, some starts this fall, and some in January 2017, and you can apply now!  You can go to ywamskien.com for more information, and you can apply here.


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